Weight Loss


The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Weight Loss Program is a fast and effective way to lose weight! Typically clients lose 15-30 pounds with some losing even more. HCG is naturally produced in the body and has been referred to as the pregnancy hormone. It allows the body to mobilize fat and uses it as energy for the mother and fetus in the event the mother is unable to provide it. Using small amounts of HCG stimulates this same process of immobilizing (burning) fat without losing muscle or bone. This diet puts your body into a fat burning state called ketosis. Being in ketosis helps curb your appetite and provides you with energy from the fat being burned. Exercise is recommended with this program. If you do not exercise regularly, you may want to consider walking 30 minutes, 4-7 times a week. If you are already exercising that’s great, however if your routine is intense you may need to modify. To help you achieve your weight loss goals while on this program, you will be monitored by the medical providers and staff at Body Enhancement MedSpa.

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