Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration 

The Hair Growth Cycle at a glance. Each hair grows for 2 to 6 years, from a follicle under the skin, this is the anagen phase. It then moves into the catagen or resting phase for several weeks signaling the end of the growth phase. The final stage is the telogen phase in which the hair falls out and the cycle starts again. This is a normal cycle, however many things can cause changes to it. An increase in the androgen hormone can cause the anagen phase to shorten resulting in shorter thinner hair strands of vellus hair and delay or no new hair growth.

The follicular effects of PRP due to the presence of natural growth factors in the plasma, is the telogen phase is moved into, and is prolonged into the anagen phase.

Platelet rich plasma has been found to be one of the most effective tools for regenerating the body’s own growth and healing processes. PRP Therapy is the process of isolating the platelets found in the patient’s own plasma and injecting it directly into the tissue, resulting in dramatic gains in hair growth.

A study performed with 2 groups, PRP or saline. The group injected with PRP had >75% regrowth at 6 months and new hair at 8 weeks, while the group injected with saline had less hair at 8 weeks and <75% density.

We recommend a series of 3 monthly treatments followed by a 4th in 3-6 months. Results can be noticed in as early as 8 weeks!